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    Are all catalytic converters worth recycling?

    Unfortunately not. Some catalytics are hollowed out and missing the core – the most valuable part of the cat. If the core is missing, then we’re not able to buy them from you. Other than that, we pay top dollar for all sorts of catalytics – even aftermarkets.

    Are PayPal and Venmo the only payment options?

    If you have a preferred form of payment, we’ll be happy to oblige whenever possible. Just be sure to include your preferred form of payment when submitting pictures & details for your quote.

    Do you buy internationally?

    We do not currently buy catalytic converters from international sellers. However, do feel free to reach out to us with any opportunities. We have a wide network across the US and may be able to connect you with the right people.

    Do you scrap/recycle anything other than catalytic converters?

    Currently, we are only buying catalytic converters. With that being said, we may be able to refer you to someone in your area that can help you out.

    How do I ship my catalytics?

    It’s easy! Make sure the pipes are cut off and just the catalytic converters are being shipped. The smaller and lighter the package, the better. Be sure to verify that the converter cores are intact and full. Then put them into the smallest cardboard box they comfortably fit into, and ship them at your local UPS or Fedex (we do not accept USPS at this time). And that’s it!

    When do I get paid?

    Once you ship your catalytics and we inspect them, we’ll send your payment – usually the same day. Want to get paid before you ship your catalytics? That’s an option – just be sure to ask your representative when going over payment options.